They Do A Story About A Man Who Lives As A Goat And The News Anchor Loses It

It is difficult to know what you’re going to run into when you report the news on a daily basis. Sometimes you are providing good news, other times bad news and in the case of this video, it is just an interesting story. Of course, there are going to be times when you find something to be rather amusing, and for this poor news anchor, she just couldn’t stop laughing.

She was doing a story on a man who had been living his life as a goat. He even had prosthetics made so that he could live life closer to the way that goats live, and he even stayed with them in the wild for several days. She seemed to be doing okay with this rather unusual story but when he started eating grass, it was just too much for her to handle.

The man in the video was actually awarded a prize for what he did, but we feel that we are the real winners. After all, we get to see this hilarious video of a news anchor that just couldn’t keep things together.
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