When She Sings A Meow Song These Adorable Feral Kittens Come Running

If you were faced with a challenge to get 10 feral kittens out from underneath a pile of trash, what is the the first thing you would do? It seems as if it wasn’t that difficult for one rescuer, because she simply began to meow at the kittens and they came running in her direction. It was an amazing thing to see, and you have the opportunity to see it in this video.

Mona, the rescuer, began meowing and the younger kittens were attracted to the sound and came out of the hiding spot. As they reached the fence, they were grabbed through a hole underneath it but traps needed to be set to catch the bigger kittens and the mothers. They were rescued temporarily so that they could get care and continue to live.

Seven of the kittens ended up in a foster home and they began on their new adventures. The mother may be very feral but the younger ones are adopting to life with humans quite nicely. In fact, it seems as if they have absolutely adapted to the situation and are loving it.

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