Mum Plays Prank On Daughter And Convinces Her She Baked The Turkey’s Baby

There is often a lot of joking that goes on within the family, and a good practical joke, when it is done in good taste, can be a lot of fun. That is especially true if a video is taken and it is able to be shared with many other people. For Nerissa Hawkinson, that joke was played on her sister with the help of the mother and it was so epic, it has everybody talking.

The mother was making a turkey dinner, and it was a special treat for the family. Inside of the turkey was carefully placed a Cornish hen, which was baked along with the bird for the extra flavour and for the laughs that it would produce. When Nicole looked in the bird and saw the Cornish hen she came up with a brilliant idea. They were going to trick Raquel, her sister, into thinking that a baby turkey was cooked inside of the mother turkey!

The joke goes off without a hitch and the sister falls for it, hook, line and sinker. Yes, we understand that turkeys lay eggs but it was an emotional moment and one that the entire family is not soon going to forget.

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