Man Spots Something Crawling On The Motorway, Then He Realises It’s A Baby

Most of us don’t expect to see anything unusual when we are driving. Every once in a while, we may see something slightly out of the ordinary but for this auto repairman, his day and even his life was about to be changed when he saw something moving along the edge of the motorway.

When Bryant Collins stopped his vehicle and got out, he realised that it was a baby that was only moments from going out onto a busy motorway. The baby was all alone and Bryant was absolutely shocked by what he saw. He scooped up the 15-year-old and called emergency services. Bryant stayed with the baby for the following two hours, playing music for her on his phone.

When the authorities arrived, they were absolutely shocked by what they saw. Somehow, this young baby had managed to get out of the house, crawl through the woods and end up 300 yards from home. The baby’s father was arrested, but Bryant is being considered a hero for his part in helping to save this little baby.

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