A Man Goes Everywhere With His Little Kangaroo And It Is Adorable

There’s just something about having an animal in the home that makes us feel good from the inside out. We absolutely adore them and, in many cases, we feel that there could not be anything more adorable than our pet. Of course, we are also likely to have a friend who has one of those adorable pets as well, and we may even have a little bit of “pet envy.”

It doesn’t matter how cute any animal is, there is always going to be the ultimate and we think we have found it. It comes from a YouTubeer, Jackson O’Doherty and his rather unique companion that follows him around everywhere he goes. It is his little kangaroo, and you’re not going to believe some of the awesome adventures that they are taking.

Some people have a dog, other people may have a cat and on the fringe may be people with a guinea pig, rabbit or perhaps even a turtle. This is the first pet kangaroo that I have seen, and it is so absolutely adorable, it’s difficult to contain the cuteness overload.

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