Little Girl Wants To Be Spiderman, Then Mum Finds Her Covered In Red Lipstick

Life with a toddler can lead to some rather unexpected surprises. Some of those surprises are going to make you smile and others might make you cringe but in either case, it is always best if you can laugh at the situation and move on with your life. After all, toddlers are just learning how to live life themselves and they can learn from your example, by not getting overly stressed when difficult times arrive.

That was the case with Keeley, a three-year-old girl who seems to march to the beat of her own drum. She had seen some Spiderman films and now she knew what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, she wanted to be Spiderman! This is where the story takes a rather unusual turn, and the mother handled it very well.

It seems as if young Keeley found her mother’s lipstick and decided it was the perfect colour to make herself look like Spiderman. She painted her face, arms and hands bright red and when her mother caught her “red-handed” it was too much for her to handle. She took a video and we love it!

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