Learn How To Crochet Gorgeous Tiny Hearts With This Video Tutorial

These adorable miniature hearts add a little bit of flair to whatever design you’re working on — attach them onto a scarf or bracelet, or use them as patterns on a quilt or sweater, and things immediately look friendly and sweet. Here are three techniques you can use to crochet hearts: pick the one that suits your needs best!



Even though the video is in Russian, it’s not that hard to follow! The looping is fairly uncomplicated, and with a little bit of practice, crocheting this stitch will become second nature! You create more and more hearts on a line until you’re satisfied with the outcome.



This video is slightly harder, but the video is in English! You stitch the two halves of the heart around a hole, which forms a wider and perhaps friendlier heart than the run stitching. The hole creates a neat aesthetic and more firmness, making it feel very substantial on any sort of patchwork you add it to.

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