The Kiss Cam Scans The Crowd Until They Focus On A Lovely Couple But He Won’t Kiss Her

There is nothing quite like getting out for the day and going to a game. Being in the stands with a lot of other sports fans gives you a feeling that you just can’t get anywhere else. I’m not sure if it is the energy of the crowd, the fact that you aren’t at work or even the great food, but it is something I do as often as possible.

Of course, all of us have our favourite features of the games as well. For some people, it may be the music between plays but for many, there is nothing quite like the Kiss cam. It scans the audience and when it focuses on you, it’s your turn to kiss your significant other and they show it on the jumbotron. Unfortunately, however, things don’t always go as planned.

You see, there is a problem with randomly choosing a man and woman from the audience. You never know if they are really together or, if they are, perhaps they don’t want to kiss. That is what happened in this video but the man was ready with the funniest sign.

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