James Corden Becomes The Long Lost Backstreet Boy In This Amazing Performance

There are music fads that come and go and, for the most part, we simply watch them disappear without much fanfare. Thinking back over the past several decades, we had disco, charity supergroups and hair metal, just to name a few. Not to be overlooked in the list is the phenomenon known as boy bands, and they were quite popular in their day. Some people loved boy bands and some hated them but regardless of which side you were on, you have to admit they were popular.

Today, we have some ongoing music trends as well but if James Corden has his way, we will have a resurgence of the boy band era. In fact, he had a visit from one of the most iconic boy bands of all time, The Backstreet Boys and they had a special surprise for the audience. James was going to become the 6th Backstreet Boy.

Although the boy band era has seen it’s day, that doesn’t mean they are gone for good. Many people don’t realise that the Backstreet Boys are still together and active! Perhaps there is hope after all.

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