He’s A Country Boy At Heart But His R&B Skills Amaze The Judges

Not everything is as it seems and at times, we may be quite surprised with what unfolds in front of us. Certainly, we have seen it happen over and over again on the talent shows yet, even though we can be prepared for a surprise here and there, there are times when nothing can prepare us for what we see. That was the case with this man, named Sundance Head.

When he came out on the stage wearing a cowboy hat and dressed in the typical cowboy garb, I was expecting something country without a doubt. When he began singing a classic rhythm and blues song, I’ve Been Loving You, I was absolutely blown away by his abilities. After all, he could’ve chosen any song but choosing one from Otis Redding was a daring move on his part.

This man is living evidence that you truly can’t judge a book by its cover. His song was absolutely amazing and, although he admits he was a little bit nervous, you never would have known it by listening to his voice. We are expecting to see much more out of this gentleman in the future.

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