2 Clowns Crash Their Minivan Into An SUV And The Reporters Can’t Keep A Straight Face

There are many jobs that can bring something unexpected on almost a daily basis but perhaps the one that comes to mind first is being a news reporter. At one moment, you may be talking about something tragic happening on one side of town and in the next moment, you are giving a lighthearted report about something quite amusing. Those funny reports may sometimes lead to a chuckle on the part of the reporter but on this particular news station, they just can’t keep it together.

Of course, you really have to consider the material when judging them on their laughter. After all, two clowns were in a minivan and they ended up crashing into an SUV. Nobody was hurt, but the driver of the minivan was wearing oversized clown shoes, which the police said did not contribute to the accident. We think the jury is still out on that one.

It can be difficult to keep a straight face, especially when you are around other people who are laughing at what is taking place as well. We’re not sure if this news crew is able to keep it together regularly but for this report, we think they have every right to laugh.

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