He Found A Skunk With A Coke Can On His Head And Risked Getting Sprayed To Help Out

If you were to run into a skunk in the wild, what would be your first reaction? Like most people, you would probably not hesitate to run the other direction and keep running until you felt as if you were absolutely safe. After all, a skunk can spray a long distance and the last thing that you would want is for that stinky situation to follow you around.

As you are about to see, not everybody feels the same way about skunks and one man was even willing to risk a stinky conclusion to help out a fellow living creature. You see, the skunk had a Coke can stuck on his head and the man stood there, pulling on the can to remove it. It wasn’t easy, but he stuck with it until it was over.

 Eventually, the man was able to pull the Coke can off of the skunk’s head but not before a lot of talking and trying to convince the skunk not to spray him took place. As they say, all’s well that ends well and he didn’t get sprayed, but he did get an awesome video that he shared with us.
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