Father Of The Bride Proudly Lifts Her Dream Cake So Everyone Can Get A Look, And Then He Drops It

Although there may be many members of the family, the father typically stands out as someone who is unique. We look to our father for protection and for love and affection, but the father will also provide some comedy relief from time to time. In fact, they are often very gifted in that regard and it shows up when you least expect it.

When newlywed Dina Smart was enjoying her wedding, her father was right there by her side. He is also somebody that is well known for his pranks and he decided to pull off the biggest one of all time on her special day. She didn’t want him to pull any pranks, and it seemed as if he was going by her wishes but then he did something that made everyone gasp and take notice.

He lifted up her perfect wedding cake into the air so everyone could get a close look at it but when he tried to put it down on the table, it fell over onto the floor. Fortunately, it was a masterfully orchestrated prank, and the looks on their faces says it all.

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