He Dropped His Ring Proposing At The Game And The Crowd Helps Him Find It

There is nothing quite like enjoying a day at the ballpark. Sitting in the stands is quite relaxing and the energy of the crowd is something that we carry with us throughout the week. At times, however, something interesting may happen that is not on the field but rather, it is in the stands. That was the case with this couple, and you will be amazed with what happens.

It started when Andrew Fox pulled out an engagement ring in the middle of the game to propose to Heather Terwillinger. Like many men, Andrew was likely nervous and he ended up dropping the ring into the bleachers. The entire moment was caught on the Jumbotron, and the nearby fans stopped watching the game in order to help him find the ring and move forward with his proposal.

Eventually, the ring was found inside of the jacket that was on the seat and he was able to propose again. When he did so, the entire crowd was applauding with excitement and it was a moment that will not be forgotten by anyone.

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