Couple Transforms An Ordinary White Van Into An Amazing One-Bedroom Apartment

There are many people who struggle to make it from one month to the next. That is especially true when it is a younger couple and it doesn’t take very long for it to get frustrating. One couple in particular, however, decided to do something about it and to simplify their life in a rather amazing way. They are Adam and Nikki, a couple in their young 30s and they spent an entire year converting an old van into an absolute dream home.

They purchased a extra-large white Ford transit Luton for $4500 on eBay. Another $6500 was spent converting the van while they lived with their parents. Everything was done by themselves and you will be amazed with what they were about to accomplish, even though they didn’t have any prior building experience.

Many of us experience the difficulties of being able to afford rent and all that is necessary in life. Perhaps we could take a page out of this couple’s book and downsize to the extent where we are able to enjoy life, rather than struggling to maintain even the bare minimum.

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