Cop Poses As A Paralyzed Man To Find Bad Guys But He Finds Kindness Instead

If you watch the news on a regular basis, you likely hear a lot of information about the police. Unfortunately, much in the news we hear is negative and, although some of it may truly be negative, there are still plenty of police officers out there who are interested in caring for the public and upholding their sworn duty to serve and protect. At times, you may even hear a touching story and that is the case with this video.

A police officer went undercover as a man in a wheelchair because there were assaults taking place of disabled people within the city. He went undercover in a wheelchair, expecting to catch the bad guys but what he found instead was a city full of individuals who have a lot of heart.

This story is not only a testament to the police officer who went undercover, it is an awesome way to look at the city and the people that are within it. Typically, people really want to be a force for good and it is unfortunate that a few bad eggs need to spoil our perception of everyone.

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