Here’s how to knit a giant, cozy blanket in just under 4 hours

Has the thought ever occurred to you, while you’re knitting, “how can I make this more extreme? I mean like SUPER extreme?!” ? The world of DIY’s always provides! That’s right; now knitters can relax and live on the edge by knitting with jumbo sized needles that you have to make yourself and the largest […]


Couple Adopts 2 Kids, Meets Them For First Time In a Highly Emotional Moment

The adoption process has it’s ups-and-downs. On one hand, it’s long and tiring with a lot of paperwork. On the other, it’s filled with excitement and anticipation. While waiting to finally meet their adopted children, you can see the emotion in Brandon and Jen Hatmaker’s face. You can tell that they’ve waited a long time […]