16-year-old teen gets a haircut for the very first time in her life, undergoes stunning transformation

16-year-old Roxy from Stafford, Virginia, has never had a haircut before in her life, ever. Yes, you read that right. As you can imagine, her hair unbelievably long, and in the video below, she documents her first haircut ever. Roxy is about to turn 17 in a few months, and she will also be entering college soon. She’s decided that it’s time for a change, given the upcoming milestone in her life.

Roxy is both excited and nervous about the experience. She plans to donate her hair to help others. A hair stylist named Danilo takes out a few scissors and goes to work. He cuts the majority of her long hair off, and needless to say, it’s the longest locks that have ever been donated before. When I saw Roxy hold the locks next to her, I was stunned. They reach all the way down to her legs!

Her transformation is absolutely stunning, and you can hardly recognize her without her signature long hair.

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