101-Year-Old Veteran Takes One Last Ride On A Harley Followed By 50 Bikers

It seems as if many people who have fallen in love with motorcycles continue to consider themselves to be a biker for as long as they live. It isn’t just a past time for those individuals, it is a way of life and a source of pride for them. That is the case with Ray Weser, a 101-year-old veteran who has always loved Harley Davidson and continues to love them down to this day.

Ray is a veteran and he fell in love with bikes when he was in his teenage years. In fact, he worked for Harley Davidson for 24 years. At this point in this life, he is unable to ride a Harley with his own but that hasn’t stopped his love for the bike and now he is having his final wish fulfilled before he hits 102 years old.

He went for a ride on the back of a Harley and even at 101, he still looks absolutely thrilled to be there. According to his daughter, this event brought his life full circle and to top it off, there were 50 other bikers riding behind him.

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